• Hire Top Experts

Benefits for Clients

$10 per hour
  • Your first 1 hour is free ✌️
  • Hire expert freelancers at $10 / hour
  • Connect with an expert freelancer
  • Immediate solutions for design and development requirements
  • Hassle-free experience. No bid, no proposals.
  • Get one-on-one assistance
  • Highly affordable
  • Real-time feedback & resolutions
  • Only pay if you are satisfied.


  • We charge a flat rate of $10/hour for any service. 
  • Once connected to an expert on a live call, you get 3 minutes to brief the expert and discern whether you want to go forward with them. 
  • The invoicing process begins at the 3-minute mark. 
  • The charges are calculated at a 30-minute pulse at $5/30 mins. Eg. If the task is completed within 30 mins, you will only be charged $5. 
  • Most tasks are completed within 1-2 hours by our experts. 
  • All KIWI calls are monitored for quality purposes. 
  • If the task is not completed to your satisfaction, you can get a full refund immediately. 
  • Contact our customer support with the details of the issue. 
  • Most issues are solved within 24 hours of being raised. 



KIWI is a strong proponent of rewarding the individual for their expertise and not primarily for their sales skills. At KIWI we believe in solutions over proposals, bargaining, price-cutting and other sales-related techniques. KIWI wishes to redefine this relationship into a much more value-added and value driven partnership aimed for both professional growth and personal success.